Eyelash extension aftercare

Thank you for choosing “Ashtone’s beauty box” to achieve your beautiful mink  eyelash extension look with. Please follow our after care advice and tips for keeping your lashes looking full and glumors.

  • We recommend using all lash products used by your lash tecnician to guarantee that your products are all oil free.
  • Aviod getting your lashes wet for 24hours after you lash extension fittings and a further 2days for clients that like to enjoy saunas and steam rooms.
  • We recommend you return back to us to have your lashes topped up every 2-3 weeks. During this top up appointment you will have the lashes which have fallen out, replaced. (maintenance appointments may vary according to your lifestyle or to the length of time eyelashes have been on)
  • When caring for your lashes please ensure to brush your lashes only from the tips of the lashes and never from the root. Please do not use cotton wool on them when cleaning. We would recommend you use a “lash prefect cleansing cloth” which can be purchased from your lash technician
  • Do not pull the eyelash extensions off, this is very harmful and damaging to your natural lashes. Please return back to your lash techinction and have them removed in easy procedure that will not affect your own lashes.


  • use products containing oil
  • pick,rub nor pull your lashes
  • tint them
  • use a normal mascara or waterproof mascara
  • curling iron

Week 1

your lashes will look full for the first 10 – 14 days without the need for maintenance.

Week 2

As your lashes go through their normal cycle they will begin to shed. This is the prefect time to contact us and book in for a mink infill appointment which will take 30 – 40mins.

Week 3

if you have not chosen to maintain your eyelash extension, you will notice that you will have to apply eyelash mascara to enchance your lash look to create more of an impact. For the clients who have chosen to maintain their lashes you be back to a full set but looking forward to a top up appointment in the following week.

Week 4

For clients whom have not return for one top up appointment your lashes will have almost gone.